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2 Mar 2014 Magma Spear 10; Blazing Pillar 15; Firestorm 15; Charge Mastery 15; Elemental Attunement 5; Fire Brand 15; Frost Phase 1; Ice Prison 1; Frozen Fate 1; Elemental Boon 15; Astral Ally 15; Staff Mastery 9; Prismatic Rift 15. Stats. 105 - Dexterity (20%) Dexterity increases the chance to perform critical strikes
11 Aug 2013 Another build of mine for one of the common builds, the Prismatic Bolt Embermage. Again, I didn't invent the wheel, Prismatic Bolt Embermages are extremely common, my guide doesn't add much to it, bu.
So before I start putting points into my new embermage, I'd like to have a direction. I plan on playing on elite and going as far to NG++++ as i can go. What right now is a really good endgame build for elite embermage? I know it's probably something frost related but I'd like to have a general direction in mind
15 Jan 2014
25 Sep 2012 But with the help of this guide, you can make it more dangerous for your enemies than it is for yourself and your friends. And that's really what matters in the end, isn't it? Like hot chocolate and marshmallows, our Embermage guide is best-used in conjunction with our Torchlight 2 Class Guide , which will be
7 Jul 2016
Since I've made build lists for other classes figured I'd try to help out here too Please let me know if I missed any builds and feedback is welcome! A lot of builds don't state what difficulty they were tested in so they've been placed in the "NOT TESTED WITH ELITE" section. . +2 to Mr. Sticky request.
Although this build is meant for Elite, it can be used on any difficulty, and you should play as you want. Some people may feel ashamed for not playing Elite or HC but they shouldn't. Torchlight 2 is just a game, it's meant to be fun in the first place. If you try Elite and feel like you're just dying all the time and
24 Sep 2012 Recommended skill builds for Embermage in Torchlight 2 with tips on talent trees, stats and charging.
6 Dec 2012 Not to mention I played my softcore slightly ahead of my hardcore back to back on elite. . some of the things you mentioned here (like going out of the circle in the act 2 Arena), took me far more time to figure out. and your Embermage build is - skill-wise - a very good build, I've seen numerous times in build