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Fast-growing, dense, evergreen Leyland cypress (Cupressocyparis ? leylandii) provides an effective privacy screen, shielding your yard from prying eyes while
The Leyland Cypress tree is a hybrid of the Alaska-cedar and Monterey Cypress. Keep reading for detailed instructions so you can get started planting this
13 Sep 2015 When planting Leyland cypress, bear in mind the tree's fast growth rate and mature size as you determine spacing. Roots should be spread out
21 Sep 2017 The Leyland cypress tree is a hybrid originated in England in 1888 from the cross between a Monterey and Alaska cedar. The species is an
Leyland Cypress planting instructions. Learn how to plant a leyland cypress tree. How do you plant it? What about spacing?
14 Jul 2017
The result is the appropriate planting distance between the Leyland cypress in your hedge. For example, if you plan to keep your Leyland cypress hedge trimmed to 20 feet, you would plant the young trees 5 feet apart. If you want a 16-foot hedge, plant saplings 4 feet apart.
Leyland Cypress Spacing. The recommended spacing for Leyland Cypress Trees is 5 feet apart. You can plant closer together if you want quicker privacy. Leyland Cypress Trees typically grow about 8-10 feet wide.
8 Sep 2015 Leyland cypress, or leylandii, are extremely useful trees. They're fast growing, and can be used to quickly create an effective hedge or screen.


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