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21 Oct 2017 Convert a Tip B5 S4 into a 6spd Manual 2pcs M16 Axle Bolts (4A0407643A); Right Axle Heat Shield (4D0407720)(Left side can be reused from Tip trans); May need two CV Boot kits if the axles were old and the boots look old / worn / about to tear Disconnect and remove Automatic Transmission.
Question! I'm about to buy an automatic (autotragic) b5 S4. Obviously, I want to manual swap it. What parts do I need and what other transmissions
12 Dec 2009 For those who asked, here is a trans swap DIY, make sure to check out the photobucket pics linked at the bottom First pull the engine and trans, the first guide What you will need 1- 01E trans 2-
Audi B5 S4/A4 6 speed economy transmission conversion / swap. Audi B5 S4/A4 6 speed economy transmission conversion / swap. Comprehensive tiptronic to 6 speed manual conversion kit designed for a 1998-2001 Audi S4/A4 (2.8). The kit contains the following items: 6 speed 01E transmission Reconditioned and
This past week I came across a very clean 2000 S4 sedan, 6 speed manual, 150k miles that has a few mods and has 1 blown turbo. I ended up purchasing this car for $1300.00. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with doing the transmission conversion on this 2.7 B5 audi. I spoke to the owners of
Quote, originally posted by banshee88 ». your absolutly sure? the ecu i have is auto,does that matter? i'll upgrade the clutch since i'm doing big turbos so that shouldn't be a problem. i've heard about all kinds of issues with the final drive and what not how many miles has your bro put on his swap.
22 Apr 2011 Can someone give me an estimate on how much it would cost to swap my Auto/Tip tranny with a manual? also a list of parts i would need would be nice, I. BaseDrifter's Avatar. BaseDrifter BaseDrifter is offline. Site Moderator/B5 Tech Guru. 1997 Audi A4. Join Date: Feb 2010. Location: Bay Area, CA.
27 Feb 2011 For the B5 A4, you'll need at least the tranny, clutch/fw, pedal assembly and linkage, manual ECU, transmission mounts, manual wiring harness (unless you want to start splicing and running your own wires), and a pilot bearing for the manual transmission shaft to mate to your automatic crankshaft. The rear
Shipping Price to Business address only. or shipping terminal. Please Call 520-204-1483 to place a Pre-Order!! Please allow 2-3 weeks for item to ship! International shipping available, email for quote. Every Transmission is bebuilt with brand new OEM (old style) 1st and 2nd gear synchros. The shift collar is also debured.