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1Uriel- Aug 14 2007, 08:50 AM. ( Our DoW Senior Replay Reviewer, GW_Fingolfin, has released a strategy guide detailing how to use the Tau Empire's Kroot Carnivores to their maximum potential. Any aspiring Tau player should not miss
Dawn of War Soulstorm News, Information, Replays, Strategy Guides, Screenshots, Videos and Much More.
18 Feb 2013 Just to make a quick note, this is less about how to play the tau, and more just simple information for the tau, but the reason for it is because when i made it, there were 3 guides out, all with just 1 sentence. I felt like someone needed to make an at least, slightly passable guide, so here it is. First thing that
25 Jan 2014 i also find it very hard to attack with the tau due to them needing a good range and their vehicles not being very good at assualt due to their low health and having to keep some men at the base to defend it from attack as the tau dont have turrets, so can people post how they like to assualt bases with the tau
15 Mar 2015
so i have recently purchased soulstorm and dark crusade and im trying to start playing as a new race. i used to play as Imperial guard but i have gotten tired of them so i switched to tau. i have been getting OWNED recently and i was just wondering what are some of your guyses stratageys?
Tau Empire. Exotic army includes many different races. Tau Empire was one of biggest empires in the universe, thanks to their expansions. They could recruit to their army many different units. This army is a hybrid between newest advanced technology and natural powers of wild creatures from the entire universe.
1 Oct 2008 Anyone a good strategy for playing TAU? I am getting my butt handed to me by the computer. -Le.
The Tau Empire are a relatively young civilization in the 40k universe, yet they have made their presence known via great technological achievements. On the . Like most Tau units, they are terrible in close combat but their advanced ranged weaponry, the most powerful of all basic DoW troops, more than makes up for it.
2 Mar 2015 This guide aims to give a rough overview over the different soldiers, beasts, and vehicles the Tau Empire employs in its fight for the Greater Good. Uniquely in Dawn of War, the Tau tech tree splits up into two mutually exclusive paths once they hit Tier 3: Players can choose to either follow the Path of

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